These Halloween Cub Scout Skits are Hilarious

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Crisp Air and Changing Leaves

Autumn is a fun season in your Cub Scouts den and pack. With popcorn selling, the change in weather, and the crisp air of energy for recruitment in the fall months leading up to Halloween, it’s an exciting time of year for Cub Scouts! Of course, kids all across the country love Halloween, too, but enjoying the spooky holiday as a Cub Scout can be extra special. For one thing, facing ghouls and goblins is always better in a pack! But more than that, Halloween evokes imagery of brightly colored forest and camp fires, which set the stage for one of Scouting’s most beloved traditions: Skits!

Are there Halloween-themed Cub Scout skits?

You bet! Although there may not be as many as you’d think. Our friend Sherry, who has the blog Cub Scout Ideas, found a few to highlight that might be fun for a den meeting, or a backyard barbecue with the whole pack. There’s the “Ugly Pumpkin Skit” which, in classic fashion, has a delightful twist at the end that is sure to leave the audience in stitches. Then there’s a Trick-or-Treat drawing story which employs the use of a gradual drawing that turns into a surprise image by the end of the tale. Finally, there is a very clever version of another song/poem you may have heard. Only this one is called “The Twelve Days of Halloween.” Sound familiar? Of course skits are an important part of learning how to develop showmanship, and can also satisfy some Adventure requirements for the Cub Scouts who participate.

Do You Know a Skit?

Be sure to dive into the (spooky) spirit of the Halloween season by gathering the pack together and sharing tales of delightful fright with these Halloween Cub Scout skits. Just remember to tell your Cub Scouts to bring their flashlights! Check out the helpful skit outlines and scripts on