The Wonders of a Trusty Walking Stick

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Hiking with Walking Sticks

One of the most cherished trophies of any Scouting or outdoor enthusiast is the glorious walking stick. Indeed much Brouhaha will always be made in the pursuit, finding or making of the perfect staff, that faithful trail companion of its owner. Which is, of course, entirely part of the fun! Whether you’re on the hunt for one, or perhaps making your own, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the particulars of a trusty walking stick. Cub Scout with Walking stick

How to Make Your Own Walking Stick

Here’s a step-by-step guide with a great infographic to making your own walking stick the best it can be. This can be a great activity or den meeting craft to prepare and build excitement for the next outdoor outing your Cub Scouts can look forward to.

How High is Too High?

When it comes to a walking stick that’s actually useful for hiking, you want to be sure it’s the right height for your Cub Scout. Read what the Boys’ Life Gear Guy says about it.

These Sticks Were Made For Walking

Not all walking sticks are great for hiking. Some sticks literally walk. Like these amazing (and HUGE) stick bugs, clocking in as the world’s largest, more than two feet long!! See photos here.

Other Uses for Walking Sticks

Of course a good hiking stick can double as a support staff for a survival shelter. Once you get good at finding that ideal walking stick in the wild, that skill will be handy in finding good sticks for building a shelter. Learn more here about how to build a survival shelter.

Decorate Your Walking Stick

Did you know ScoutStuff has all kinds of incredible medallions and shields to fasten and attach to your keepsake walking stick? You’ll definitely want to take a look. They make a great gift, stocking stuffer or reward.

  Cub Scouts with Walking Sticks