The Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids Pinterest Board You’ve Got to Check Out

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Looking to keep your kids busy and get them in the Mother’s Day spirit? We’ve got your back with a Mother’s Day crafts for kids Pinterest board curated just for you (we’re talking to you, moms, dads, friends of Scout moms, grandmas, and older Scout siblings).

Whether the kids you’re guiding are young or approaching Boy Scouts age, you’re sure to find an age-appropriate activity to pique their interests in the board below. Plus, these Mother’s Day crafts for kids offer up really cool final products, like a sewing kit organizer and DIY bath bombs (yes, moms, we’re reading your minds and you deserve some “you” time this Mother’s Day).

What’s the Formula for Great Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids?

If you’re planning to get kids started on the crafts below or you want to go rogue with your own ideas, here are a few things to keep in mind to wow mom or grandma this Sunday:

  1. Get personal. Denoting the year the craft was created or writing children’s names on each gift preserves a special memory for moms as their kids grow into adulthood. Find ways for children to put their personal stamps on each project.
  2. Keep in mind the recipient’s interests. A mom will be overjoyed to receive just about anything on Mother’s Day, especially from her kids. But if she loves the outdoors, opt for the homemade bird feeder. If she is the queen of puns, consider the “Thanks for Raisin me!” card. The more you think about what makes her happy, the more thought you’re giving her. And we all know, it’s the thought that counts, which leads us to …
  3. Don’t dwell on perfection. Yes, do your best with any project (that’s the Cub Scout way), but there is no such thing as a Pinterest fail when it comes to kids making their moms gifts for Mother’s Day. So if your “DIY Mother’s Day Floral and Herb Perfume” ends up smelling more like salad dressing and your “Heart Cupcake” look more like Pac Man, don’t fret. Mom will still l-o-v-e them!

We’re less than a week from Mother’s Day so carve out some gift ideas and get crafty with the kids. Check out the Pinterest Board below to get started. And follow the Cub Scouts Pinterest for everyday inspiration.