Thanksgiving Trivia and Fun Facts

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Thanksgiving Trivia Turkeys

As you start the final countdown for warm pumpkin pie and a long Thanksgiving weekend, we wanted to share a few more fun tidbits of Thanksgiving that can make your holiday more meaningful, interesting and engaging. We already wrote about the fun games and activities to make this weekend a hit, but it’s also a good idea to take a dive into history with your Cub Scouts, and maybe (wish) bone up on some Thanksgiving trivia and pop culture.  Check it out, from the geniuses at Boys’ Life.

Impress Your Guests with these Thanksgiving Facts

That’s right. Take some time, especially with your Cub Scout, to learn these fun historical and trivia facts on Thanksgiving. Better yet, give your Cub Scout the assignment to learn these and share them at the feast table to impress your guests and family.
Get the Facts

Thanksgiving Trivia Photo
Click the photo to learn more Thanksgiving Trivia


Watch How They Inflate Those Huge Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

A peek behind the scenes to those magical and massively huge balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade shows up close just how big they are, and how big an undertaking one of the most beloved Thanksgiving traditions is. See the “Wimpy Kid” balloon fill with air.

More Fun Facts on the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Do you love the Thanksgiving Day Parade? Learn more trivia and fun facts about the parade itself, and how it became one of the most iconic television events every November.
Learn more trivia here.

When the Grateful Holiday was Controversial

It’s hard to think of a time when Thanksgiving was controversial, but settling on the actual date of its celebration was at one point quite the kerfuffle. Learn more about the controversy behind settling on the 4th Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.
Read the account here.

Most of all, we wish you the warmest expression of our gratitude for the thousands and thousands of fearless, dedicated leaders, Scout parents and Cub Scouts all across this country. You are the magic spice that makes this whole program work. Happy Thanksgiving.