Summer Reading with Cub Scouts

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Cub Scout Reading

Ah, summer. When the glass of iced lemonade sweats chilled droplets of water next to the dog-eared pages of a paperback novel blowing in the breeze that gently sways the porch swing overlooking the winding creek through a field of sun-soaked, bright green grass. Not quite how your summer days look? Not to worry, the takeaway here is that you can read a book anywhere!

Cub Scouts Reading Books

When not running around outside and finding ways of cleverly avoiding the heat, reading is the pastime of the season, and Cub Scouts are at that perfect age where diving into the pages of a book is just another adventure into a new and exciting place. As you encourage them to read this summer, here are a few reading opportunities and recommendations from Boys’ Life magazine.

Summer Reading Challenge

To encourage summer reading, Scholastic has launched a reading challenge to record the minutes spend in the throes of a good book. They also have a fantastic recommendations list organized by age, from new readers all the way to young adult and everything in between. Check it out.

5 Books to Get Caught Reading

May was “Get Caught Reading” month, and Book Zone highlighted their 5 hot picks your Cub Scouts won’t be able to put down. See what they are.

Discover Award-winning Classics

You know them. Bridge to Terabithia, The Giver, Holes; classic books that spark the love of reading into young and old readers alike. These are the Newberry winners. And Bookzone put together a great list of 2015’s Newberry winners and honor books to continue the great tradition of exploring the kinds of books you’ll remember for years to come. See the books.

100 Books Every Cub Scout Should Read

This is the mothership of reading lists for Cub Scouts (and Cub Scouts at heart). Not only is this a fun list to use as a checklist for accomplishing the impressive feat of reading all 100, but it’s also a great place to explore new ideas and books your Cub Scout might not be initially drawn to or aware.

Books are wonderful little gateways to exploring the world around us, even if the story takes place a thousand worlds away, or in an era future, or past. So get reading with your Cub Scouts today. The best thing is that no matter where you want to go during those long, lazy summer days, a book will take you there. Porch swing or not!