Star Wars Stuff Your Cub Scout Will Love

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There’s no denying the popularity of all things Star Wars among Cub Scouts

That may be why we find ourselves devouring anything and everything Boys’ Life and its blogs like Heads Up write about the ongoing saga of Rebels vs. the Empire and the various ways it’s expressed in books, comics, toys, games, video games, costumes, events and, well of course, movies!

You may have already seen the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, or you might have plans to over the holidays. If you somehow haven’t seen the trailer yet, catch the excitement by watching it over at the Heads Up blog by Boys’ Life. Check it out.

LEGO + Star Wars = Of Course!

While you’re watching that video, you may as well check this one out. It’s not a trailer, but it is a way to let you become a rebel in a 360-degree video that lets you fly a Star Wars X-Wing.
If you’re watching on YouTube, be sure to drag your cursor around the video screen. You’ll get to see the entire environment around you.