Cub Scout-Themed Smart Phone Backgrounds Are Here!

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Smart phones are everywhere these days. They’ve practically become an extension of our arms. They contain our contacts, calendars, email and well, everything. They give us the power to connect us to the world. Smart phones help us keep in touch with our friends and they can even help us keep track of our kids.

Of course, in Scouting, smart phones can be so much more. They open up the wonders of Geo Caching, for example, or they help us know about the weather on a campout. Even on a daily basis, our phones keep us connected to the digital Scouting community.

That said, forget for a second about all your phone’s apps and contacts. Because NOW your smart phone can be personalized to reflect your passion for Cub Scouting! That’s right. make your phone a fashion accessory and personalize your smart phone’s screen with an official Cub Scout background or wallpaper.

Download any one of these six free smart phone backgrounds/wallpapers and set your own phone’s screen to reflect the rest of your life: All Scouting. All the time.

Courtesy of the Cub Hub, click on your favorite background to download any or all of the images below. Then simply set them as your smart phone’s lock screen, background, wallpaper, or display. Applicable for both IOS and Android phones.



Having trouble downloading? Simply click on any of the images below. It should open up a new window with a full-size image. Then, depending on the device you are on, simply “save as,” or download the full-size image. For most smartphones, you can save it to your phone’s photo library typically by holding your finger on the picture for a couple of seconds. A window should pop up giving you the option to save it. All you have to do now is assign that photo to use as your background, wallpaper or lock screen and you’re done!

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