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Cub Day Camp at Camp Belzer, Crossroads of America Council, Lawrence, IN

School may be out, but Cub Scouts don’t stop moving – especially not with day camp in their sights. The first days of summer break signal the beginning of Scouting’s day camps – a chance for Cub Scout-age kids to get outdoors for day-long adventures related to sports, nature, and building things. Some camps are already in motion. Others start over the next few months. With their day camp in progress, Program Director Amy Dooley told Region 8 News, “The boys look as though they’re having an outstanding time.” Kids work within their age groups to master skills tailored to them. Plus, they often end up crafting useful items to aid them in future outdoor pursuits. “The Bears are building some tool boxes, the Wolves are building birdhouses, and later on in the week they’re going to build some stools to take along with them on camp outs and things that they go to,” Dooley said. “They’re playing games and having fun.” Whether your day camp ranges from one day outside to a week’s worth of outdoor fun, you and your kids are sure to walk away with some funny and heart-warming memories. If you’ve been before or have already racked up a day camp experience this summer, we want to hear about your favorite parts! Send your stories to along with photos and videos. Be sure all Scouts featured have parent permission for us to share your story, and you just may see them on our social media and blog.