Scouts Are Safer Thanks to This Pack Activity


Scouts Are Safer Thanks to This Pack Activity

Cub Scouts who hosted a Bike-O-Rama in Decatur, IL, not only gained valuable safety training from police department bike patrol officers but also shared these tips with other kids in the area.

Despite the day’s chilly weather, Scouts persisted with the event, inspiring one 8-year-old attendee (unaffiliated with Scouting) to ditch her training wheels. Yes, she’s a two-wheel rider now thanks to the Scouting event.

And she achieved this in good company – alongside Scouts, the Decatur police department offered attendees a course in bike safety and obeying traffic laws.

“They have to follow the rules of the road same as anybody else does,” Officer Robert Murphy told Herald and Review. “They probably don’t know that. Most people don’t know that.”

After walking the Scouts and attendees through a bike safety check, the officers offered up tips like, tuck in your shoe laces to avoid tangling them in your bike spokes or pedal.

The event both encouraged kids to play outdoors and helped make sure Scouts are safer as they traverse Cub Scouts’ many adventure-focused activities.

Why Bike-O-Ramas and Safety-Focused Activities Work for Scouts

Cub Scouting is full of exciting and active challenges for boys. With each new experience, Scouting maintains a commitment to safety, through resources like the Rolling Tigers adventure in the Tiger Scout Handbook. This preparation sets the stage for Cub Scouts to take on the responsibility of biking safely. In addition, events like the Bike-O-Rama mentioned above activate developing minds and introduce Scouting to children outside the program.

How has your son gained safety knowledge in an engaging way? How has Scouting emphasized safety to him? Let us know in the comments.