More Museums Offering Sleepovers to Scouts

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Cub Scouts participate in museum activities during a sleepover at the Children's Museum in Houston.
Cub Scouts participate in museum activities during a sleepover at the Children’s Museum in Houston. –photo courtesy

Have you spent a night with your Cub Scouts…in a museum?!

It’s not just the stuff of movies. More museums all across the country are offering overnight outings for Scouting units and other youth groups. They combine the adventure of a campout with the educational experience in a museum. Your Cub Scouts will also get to feel like they are doing something out of the ordinary and something others might never get the chance to do on a regular basis.

But it’s more than just a fun night in the museum. These museum sleepovers can also help your Cub Scouts with advancement opportunities. They often facilitate activities that harmonize with Scouting curriculum and satisfy belt loop requirements.

Another element not to overlook is the season. Not only are these programs a fun adventure for Cub Scouts, they can also be a great escape during the winter months when camping and other outdoor activities are frozen.

A quick Internet search shows that museums all over are opening their doors for a Scouting overnighter. The Museum of Science in Boston has an overnight program. The Cradle of Aviation Museum in New York offers science or astronomy-focused Cub Scout sleepovers.

The Children’s Museum of Houston promotes their sleepover program explaining that “During this exclusive museum experience, scouts will have an opportunity to earn pins and loops, join a discovery guide through an overnight adventure and choose an exhibit to sleep in.”

Usually registration for Scout groups is done via the local councils, so check with your region to see what opportunities are in your city or area. These programs do cost, usually per participant, but often a minimum number of adult leaders are allowed to attend for free.

Check it out! You never know what a “Night at the Museum” has in store for the Cub Scouts in your Den or Pack.