Scouting: Fun for the Whole Family

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Meet Lydialice. She is a mom whose boy was looking for more outdoor adventure. In her own words: “My son came from school one day and he wanted to go camping he wanted to go fishing, and all those things that a boy wants to do outside, he wanted to do.”

So, together they visited a Cub Scouts pack to see what it was all about. Then, they took stock of the things they needed, not the least of which was trained leaders and volunteers. Then they started their own pack! She said “we went and visited a pack, we loved it and said ‘we think we can do this.’ we knew that we need trained leaders, we know that we need to teach each kid what they need to learn to keep growing up into an Eagle.”

Regarding the emphasis on the Eagle, she summed it up perfectly.

As moms, that’s our goal, we have our little kids with a pack, but our goal is we want them to be Eagles.

She shared many inspiring thoughts including her desire to develop empathy along with the adventure with the Cub Scouts in her pack. She said “I want those kids, not just mine, all the kids in the pack to have that feeling for what the other needs, and what the other might be feeling, that empathy. They have fun but also they care for other people. And to be a good human being you need to care for the rest.”

Watch her passion and motivation to make Scouting fun for the whole family in the video below.



Lydialice says that she sees Scouting as the perfect activity to do together as a family. “We have lots of friends but we have our Scouting family, it’s a whole community where we get together and teach our kids.”

If you are looking for Scouting in your area, and find that starting a local pack is an opportunity you have, then follow the example of Lydialice and dive in with both feet! You can find all kinds of resources at and of course, you can learn more about finding Scouting where you are by clicking the banner below.

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