Scouting: An Extension of Family

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Meet Catherine, or as the Cub Scouts in her den call her, Ms. Cat.

She’s a Scout mom, and a den leader for her son’s Cub Scout pack. For her, Scouting has been an amazing opportunity for their family.

Scouting is important to her family, because her son is only child, so Scouting has been her way to “provide him with an amazing group of siblings,” she said. For Catherine, it’s rewarding for her to see how the Scouts support one another, and how it’s become an extension to their family.

Watch her tender and moving story in the video below.

You know, Catherine shared some really great words of wisdom that we want to echo here.

You’ll find yourself in the middle of an organization and a big family that supports you as a parent as you try to pass these values on to your sons.

She also said that among all the organizations and activities out there that you can put your son in, “Scouting has these amazing values that it’s based in, and it teaches your boys to become young men, to become good citizens to think about something larger than themselves, to get involved in the community. It also teaches them independence, they learn from one another, they learn from older scouts, there’s not a lot of sports or organizations that has that whole package.” Ms. Cat, we sure are glad you are one of the many volunteer heroes being a positive influence for good among the Cub Scouts in your pack. Thank you.

So check out the new today, and learn more about how to join Scouting near you. Like Ms. Cat said, “When you want to grow a young boy into a young man, you really don’t have a better choice than Scouting.” Click on the banner below.

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