Scouting: A Way to Invest in Your Family

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Meet Lester and Apryl who’ve been involved in Scouting for a combined total of 23 years. Together, they love outdoors, love spending time together with their Scouts, and they truly enjoy teaching their boys to respect others, learn how to deal with each other, overcome adversity out in the woods, and overcome their fears. According to Apryl, it makes a difference when they learn these things early as they take those lessons and are able to deal with things later in life. In the video, Apryl retells the account of her son who is on the autism spectrum having friends, and gaining a lot of acceptance among the guys in their Scouting unit. Scouting, she says, has helped him overcome many things including a touching story of how the whole troop rallied around her son to help him with a merit badge. “[In Scouts] you have a whole family of people to love and support your children,” she says through touching tears. Watch to see her emotional story. “As far as Scouting goes, it’s for everybody,” said Lester “Invest in your family, Invest in your children and make sure you build these memorable moments now,” Apryl said. Find out how you can invest in your family and learn more about Scouting. Cub CTA button