Scouting: A Priority for Family

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Meet Juan. He grew up in Mexico and as a teenager immigrated to the United States.

Having left his family back home, and working long hours in construction, he was trying to find a way where he could find the kind of family he left in Mexico.

Juan realized that it’s easy to work and work and work in order to give his family their best, but he also said that despite that, sometimes “We never pay attention to the most important thing which is to share special times with families, with kids.”

Can you guess what he said next?

Thanks to Scouting I can give a better life to my family, with more tools they need for their future, like when they go to college and learning about the things to get them where they need to go.

See his emotionally impactful interview below.

Make sure you are taking the time to make memories and build an adventure together with your family. Take the time to give a better life to your kids by making Scouting a priority for family.

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