Pumpkins Galore and All Their Gore

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Pumpkin guts

Halloween Gems from the Pages of Boys’ Life (Part 2 – The Pumpkin Kings!)

We’re corralling all our favorite Halloween-themed tips, tricks and fun we’ve enjoyed over at Boys’ Life over the years, and realized that when it comes to Pumpkins, this beloved magazine for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts really takes the whole Pie. Below are several of the best Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern articles we’ve seen to help you squish the most out of your Halloween squash. Except for the water pressure carver, please don’t try that one at home!

You’ve Never Seen a Pumpkin Turn into a Jack-o-Lantern This Fast

This is one of those videos that has to be seen to believe. If you and your Cub Scout are fans of the beloved show “How It’s Made” then this video will not disappoint you. A high pressure water cannon carves beautiful Jack-o-Lanterns in mere seconds. Behold the power of water, but maybe stick with the paintbrush for your own Halloween pumpkins. Check it out, here.

This Quiz on the Differences Between Vegetables and Fruits Will Leave You Squashed

Be careful or this quiz might trick you as it explores the scientific differences between what exactly is a vegetable or a fruit. You might find your assumptions challenged, but one thing is for sure, you can be sure to learn something before you head out there begging for things that are neither fruit nor vegetables. Trick or Treat! Take the quiz here.

Still Speechless at this Amazing Tetris Pumpkin

In what is touted as the most amazing Halloween pumpkin ever, we can’t say we disagree. This epic Jack-o-Lantern isn’t just carved in the theme of  Tetris, it’s actually, literally, really and truly a playable game of Tetris. Of course, to pull this off will require our continued promotion of STEM related learning in school and in Scouts. See the amazing Tetris pumpkin here.

How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin

Of course no Pumpkin post would be complete without giving you some trusty tricks and stencils on how to carve the perfect pumpkin. If you haven’t made your Jack-o-Lantern yet, consult this article first, especially if you plan on making a Scouting-themed gourd!