One Pack’s Epic Camping Grill Will Leave You Speechless

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Sometimes we see a fun idea for Scouting, and we just have to share it. Well, Pack 369 in Merritt Island, Florida had one of those ideas with their camping grill that we think you just have to see. In their Cubmaster’s own words:

I was trying to think of ways to bring my Pack closer together as a family. So I went to a friend of mine who is a fabricator and master welder. We talked about having a “center piece” for the camp outs. Something I can rally my pack around, and get people to really bond. I knew from being in the military that some of my best memories are standing around a makeshift grill during a training exercise talking about the day. So we set out to [create] this type of experience.

Great for staging food and keeping it warm, this grill is multipurpose! Now, we realize not everyone has a master welder as a friend, and a camping grill might not be possible. But we love the idea of looking to your network to see what kind of unique opportunities you can access that would be beneficial to your Pack, and as this Cubmaster said, to unify and bring the Pack closer together. Like a Scouting family!  As night falls, the fire's glow lights up the Pack's numbers Then he surprised his Pack by revealing the grill on a campout. In the Cubmaster’s words:

The reaction was more then I expected. The grill is set up so you can flip it over and use it as a wagon. So, I wheeled it out and got a lot of funny looks from everyone out there. Then I flipped it over, removed the wheels and everyone’s eyes lit up.

A Dutch Oven cook off seems perfect for an iron grill Can we just interrupt here and say that moment, when those Cub Scouts’ eyes light up…that’s what makes this story for us. That’s what it’s all about. OK, back to the story.

Not only did my Pack gravitate to the new grill, but we had every Pack and Troop on the island stop by to talk about and look at the grill. That first night ended in everyone on the island having an impromptu skit off. All in all [it was] a great experience! I’m happy that the kids like it. It has also motivated my older Den Leaders and set a new standard of participation at our campouts.

What can't this epic grill do? Wow, a camping grill that motivates leaders, increases participation and unites the Pack? That’s one effective Scouting tool! Thanks to Pack 369 for the great story, and awesome idea! Happy Camping, Pack 369! We hope all of you will set out to create the types of experiences your Cub Scouts will get excited about, and remember for years to come.