One April Fools Joke Your Cub Scouts Will Love

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This might come a little late for this year, but we just saw the tiniest and most hilarious April Fools joke that we think you and your Cub Scouts will get a kick out of. This idea was submitted by a Scout Mom in Arizona, and we’re sharing it with you!

The Matchbox Lunch!

Surprise your Cub Scout with a homemade lunch, and let them know you made it especially for their hungry appetites! Then present them a matchbox filled with a “complete meal” of veggie sticks, sandwich, fruit and dessert! This Matchbox Lunch features raisins, baby carrot sticks, a teeny tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a dessert of a dry piece of cereal with sprinkles to make it look like a donut.

Tiny Lunch

We especially love the piece of cereal with sprinkles. It does look just like a donut! So clever!

We think this would also be a fun April Fools-themed Den Activity for Cub Scouts to make for their parents or siblings. It could even be a hilarious “treat” for Den Leaders to prepare for their Cub Scouts.

You’ll giggle and your Cub Scout will want to keep his tiny lunch for show-and-tell. Parents, just make sure you have a back-up lunch as well in case he’s still hungry!

What do you think? What else would you add to the Matchbox Lunch Surprise? Have another idea for the Cub Hub? Send us your thoughts at