Cub Scouts and Conservation: Making a Safe Turtle Crossing

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Scouts in Wisconsin Help Establish Safe Turtle Crossing

Why did the Turtle Cross the Road?

You’ve probably heard about a million reasons why the chicken crossed the road, likely from your own pack of Cub Scouts. But what about turtles?

OK, this one’s not a joke, but a real conservation project spearheaded by a couple of caring Cub Scouts in Wisconsin looking to secure a safe crossing for turtles along a dangerous route in their community. They even got featured on the local news.

“We saw this turtle crossing the road so we helped it cross.”

After a couple of incidents of neighbors noticing dead turtles on a road connecting a park with a golf course, the Cub Scouts themselves helped one turtle across the troublesome spot, only to see another one a couple months later crushed on the side of the road. These Cub Scouts of Pack 246 in Waunakee, Wisconsin, saw an opportunity for conservation and service.

Scouts help establish safe turtle crossing


Cub Scouts and Conservation (and Turtles)

So, as Cub Scouts often do, they got to work with local officials and the surrounding community. They even got involved with the Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program which was created, as their website states, “in response to the increasing trend in highway collisions of migrating turtles and vehicles.”

Now, with these Scouts’ help, the program is seeking to put up a sign to alert drivers in along that route to watch out for turtles.

You might say that’s one small step for a turtle, but one giant leap for Scouts and conservation enthusiasts everywhere. Oh, and for turtles (and maybe even chickens) too.

Click here to watch a local news video and story about these Cub Scouts.


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