Larger than Life Movies to Look Forward to

Doctor Strange Trailer Poster

Movies are often a big part of how we celebrate holiday time off with our families. Settling on a movie that can appeal to all ages in your family is often a challenge. But a visit to the Heads Up blog over at Boys’ Life is always full of great ideas and upcoming movies to get excited about, especially when it comes to larger than life movies and super hero flicks. Even if that super hero is a LEGO version of Batman! 😉  Here’s a quick overview of some movies you may want to see this holiday weekend, or put on your calendar for the near future.

Doctor Strange Loves an Appreciative Audience

What do you get when you combine the mystic arts like you’d see in Harry Potter, with the unstoppable force of a Marvel superhero movie? Why, you get Doctor Strange, of course. It’s definitely a different spin but this odd and delightful film will be a sure bet to a fun holiday weekend. That is if you haven’t seen it, yet. See a behind the scenes clip. Watch the trailer below.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? Yes, Please

While you won’t be able to go and see this film just yet, it’s definitely one to keep on the radar. The first installment that surprised and delighted audiences of all ages, is revving up to have another crazy ride in a rollicking sequel. Until then, we’ll have to watch the baby dancing groot a few more times. Maybe there’s something about botany we can incorporate into a Cub Scout adventure. We’re open to your ideas. 🙂 Meanwhile, see the teaser trailer here. 

LEGO Batman is the Hero We Need

Another film that isn’t out yet, but that we definitely want to keep our Heads Up about is another sequel. Although spin off seems more appropriate to describe the film that is all about the character who stole the show with the first LEGO movie. That’s right, Batman. LEGO Batman. And seeing the latest trailer has us more excited than ever. Watch it here.

Oh, and Don’t Forget These Ones, too!

Of course, don’t forget that we wrote about Fall Movies in a post a few months ago, many of which are out now. So if you want to see Fantastic Beasts, Moana and more, be sure to review them here.

OK, we gotta know. What movies are you excited to see? Which movies do you keep going back to again and again? Let us know in the comments below.