Is Capture the Flag the Perfect Summer Game for Cub Scouts?

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In summer the days are longer, and that can mean that you are outside more for Den or Pack meeting, playing games and doing other “Scoutcraft” activities as Baden-Powell would say. Do you have a group of boys with energy to spare who are always game for a fun game?

Webelos leader and #CubChat contributor Bill Sempf of the Simon Kenton Council sent in his tried-and-true approach to the classic game of Capture the Flag. Check out his instructions below, especially if it’s a new game to you or your Cub Scouts.

Cub Scout of Pack 378 squats near his team’s flag to defend it. Click photo for more images.

What you Need

-Two pieces of foam, 1” x 6” x 14” (or whatever)
-Two different bolts of fabric, maybe 2 yards worth.

We made this out of what we had around. Stitch up the foam with each of the colors. To make two ‘flags’ [then] cut the rest of the fabric into armbands.

Capture the Flag kit
Here’s an example of 2 kinds of fabrics to make the flags and armbands with for Capture the Flag.

How you Play

1. Divide the Cub Scouts into two teams and put the armbands on them to show who is on whose team.

2. Put a flag on each end of a playing area. We use our church’s carpeted ‘family life center’ for example.

3. If you can put some barriers between the two flags it would be awesome. We used the movable walls.

4. There should be a “jail” area for players who have been tagged during the round of the game.

5. Start by your flag. The goal is to get the opponent’s flag with yours. That gets you one point.

6. If you are tagged while holding the flag, you drop the flag and go to jail.

7. Players must stay in jail until a point is scored.

8. Play to whatever point total fits your time. You can even just play till first score.

And don’t forget, have fun and Do Your Best!

Cub Scout Pack 378
Cub Scouts from Pack 378 in Arlington enjoy a game of Capture the Flag. Click photo for more photos.


*photo credit to Pack 378 as well. Check them out on Facebook, too