Inside The Mind of a New Cub Scout Parent

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A mom teaching her cub scout how to tie a knot in rope at The Big Freeze Shoot

If you’re a Cub Scout leader, the below insight on a new Cub Scout parent is must-read info. And if you’re a new Cub Scout parent, we’d love to hear your input on the process of getting involved in Cub Scouts, too.

Take a look, and then read more about key insights and how we found them.

Inside the Mind Cub Scout Parents

Key Takeaways about New Cub Scout Parents

We surveyed around 10,000 parents whose children joined Cub Scouting in 2015 to reach these findings. Not all questions on the survey applied to all parents surveyed.

Also keep in mind, these percentages represent parents who are now part of the Cub Scout program. It doesn’t include sizable numbers of parents outside of Cub Scouting who could be reached via other methods.

Here’s what we found out about parents new to Cub Scouting:

  • Most parents introduce their children to Cub Scouts for character and leadership development. Secondary factors include participating in a values-based organization and building their children’s self-confidence.
  • Seventy percent of parents and children make the decision to join Cub Scouts together.
  • Almost 40 percent of families join Scouting at a pack or den meeting. Nearly 39 percent join through a school event.
  • New Cub Scout parents prefer pack and den communications in the following formats:
    • About 62 percent prefer email.
    • Nearly 23 percent prefer text messages.
    • Almost 7 percent prefer announcements made at meetings.

Save off this infographic or use the embed code below to share it on your blog or website.

As you read and share this graphic, what do you think is most valuable for meeting the needs of Cub Scout parents? And new Cub Scout parents, what would you add to these findings?