How to Have a Great Thanksgiving

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thanksgiving family

A Very Scouting Thanksgiving

It’s that grand American tradition where we fill a table full of foods we don’t normally eat the rest of the year, and celebrate with our families the gratitude we have for, well, for what? Let’s review. You may be familiar with the history of the Pilgrims and Native Americans and the celebration of the harvest, where we derive most of our inspiration of flavor and tradition for the annual feast. But, there’s a tie to our nation’s 16th president, As quoted on “For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.” So for many of us, Thanksgiving also carries with it the breath of gratitude for being with our loved ones in spite of (or hopefully in absence of) war, conflict, uncertainty and the risks of life. Beyond the thankful traditions and celebration of unity and peace, Thanksgiving can also be a lot of fun! From watching football and parades, playing games and eating lots of pie, or getting an early jump on your holiday gift shopping, Thanksgiving’s extended weekend is often a time to indulge and celebrate!

Recipes Your Scouts Could Help You With

According to Boys’ Life, Every November, Troop 1015 in Alameda, California, invites “almost everyone they know to attend their Turkey Feed, a massive, outdoors, all-you-can-eat-and-more Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the Scouts themselves.” Check out one Scout Troop’s Thanksgiving tradition and get some great ideas, recipes, tips (including how to clean and prep those tricky Giblets) along with amazing photos of their annual Thanksgiving Feed.

You Are What You Eat…Or Are You?!

It’s a question for the ages. If you were a Thanksgiving food, which one would you be? Find out the hard-hitting truth in a fun quiz you can share with the whole family. Although, depending on the result, you may want to be sensitive about what you eat! 🙂 Get in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Take the quiz here.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Thanksgiving?

Whether it’s the family or the food, football or Grandma’s famous pie, Boys’ Life asked and its readers answered. Click on the photo (or here) to see the rest of the infographic they made showing the results of all the answers they received. No matter what your favorite part of Turkey Day is your favorite, taking the time to do (and eat) it all is a lot of FUN, no matter how you slice that pie. The Best Part of Thanksgiving Infograph

Let’s Play Some Games…Video Games!

The video game experts at Boys’ Life assembled 5 great video games to play after the Thanksgiving feast. Video games can be a great way to interact with your friends and relatives and many of these games are fun to watch, even if you’re not the one playing. What games are they?

Know Your Chocolate….QUIZ!

Quizzes are those fun little things you pass around the couch while you wait your turn for Mario Kart. Test your chocolate knowledge and compare your scores with your aunts and uncles with these classic chocolate bars that might be more tricky than you think. Take the quiz, here. 

This One Just Says “Hahahahahahahaha”

Come to the Thanksgiving table spread prepared with a few har har hars in your back pocket to surprise and delight your family between mouthfuls of mashed potatoes. These jokes might make ’em laugh (or groan) but they’re definitely something to be grateful for. Read ’em and weep!