How to Encourage Boys Who Lose Interest in Scouting

You’ve seen the signs when a Cub Scout starts to lose interest in Scouting. Or maybe there’s something else that’s competing for his time. It could be that his family and parents aren’t really invested either, or that he’s just going along with friends but quickly losing the desire to transition into Boy Scouts. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to read the signs and take a stance of encouragement and leadership to help young men find the magic and adventure of Scouting.

April Cub Chat-10

Check out our recap below from our #CubChat on encouraging Cub Scouts who may not want to cross over into Boy Scouts. It’s an engaging and enlightening conversation that we think you’ll really like. See what other parents, leaders and Scouters all across the country do in these kinds of situations, and add your own wisdom to the mix!

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