How Cub Scouts Made a Difference to an Entire Family

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Here at the Cub Hub we get to read some pretty great stories in the feedback you send us, often about what Scouting means for some of you in your individual lives. And we can’t just keep all these fantastic and inspiring stories to ourselves! So, with your permission, we’re going to start sharing some of these stories in an occasional series here on the Cub Hub blog.

Cub Run

Our first comes from Scout Dad, Bear Schlosser, from Pennsylvania who said the following:

“I’d like to [thank] the the cub scouts for being such a great organization! I met my step son when he was 4 years old. He’s now 10 and about to cross over to Boy Scouts!

He was a shy little boy that was afraid to leave his mom’s side. We tried karate, soccer, flag football and baseball, all of which were one-and-done seasons. Then we decided to try Cub Scouts. He was instantly interested and addicted.

He’s now an independent leader, in my opinion, and a very well mannered young man. And I have become the Webelos leader for the Pack the last 2 years!

I wish everyone would learn that what Scouting teaches a young boy are life’s lessons they will not get in school or college but are very much needed!!”

Well, Bear, you’ve brightened our day and lifted our spirits. Thank you for the great example you are for your step son and all the Cub Scouts in your Pack.

To everyone, if you have any stories you’d like to share when Scouting made the difference in your life, shoot us an email at and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter, as well.

Until then, keep on building an adventure, together!