Getting Excited for the Olympic Games

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Olympic Games Excitement

Olympic Games Excitement

There is a lot of excitement around the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next week, and for good reason! The Olympics are the pinnacle display of athletic achievement and triumph of the mind and spirit. But, of course, the Olympics are also just a lot of fun. Blending the fun, funny and inspiring, Boys’ Life magazine has been highlighting events, anecdotes, memorable moments and hilarious jokes leading up to the 2016 Summer Games. Dive in below and discover the stories (and classic Scouting jokes) that will get you in the mood for what is sure to be another exciting Olympic event!

6 Unusual Summer Olympic Events

Sure you’re probably familiar with Swimming, Track and Field and Gymnastics, but you might not have heard of some of these more unusual Olympic events. For example, you may love jumping on a trampoline, but not everyone can say they have a Gold Medal from it! Check out these 6 lesser-known and unusual events in the Summer Olympic Games.

Videos of Team USA’s Top 10 Olympic Moments

Olympic Games Excitement Throughout history, some of the most defining moments of hope and triumph come from the feats of wonder and awe at the Olympic Games. Put that against a backdrop of political strife, historical uncertainty, war and cultural turmoil and these moments themselves become historic and significant much more than the games they were in. Or when world records are smashed and gigantic odds are overcome, it’s these moments as well that go down in Olympic history, inspiring fans and athletes for generations to come. Relive these Top 10 defining Olympic Moments from Team USA over the years through this collection of videos.

Olympic Mascots Through the Years

Sure there are Olympic pins, but did you know the official mascot is a big Olympic deal as well? You see it in toys and tokens as souvenirs for Olympic fans and collectors everywhere! Take a trip back in time to see the evolution of the Olympic Mascots through the years. Which one do you like best?

Summer Olympics Quiz

OK, it’s not official unless it’s Boys’ Life Quiz official. And you better bet that there’s a Boys’ Life Quiz to test your Olympic knowledge. As always, these are a fun way to show off your smarts, but also to learn a few things as well. And this quiz in particular would be a really fun side activity to do at your Cub Scout meeting before the games begin.

Hilarious Olympic Jokes

It’s not quite a blooper reel, but these jokes will get you chuckling (or groaning) at the literal humor with an Olympic twist. Memorize a few to spout off to your Cub Scouts, or let them practice the delivery so they can be the comedian emcee when watching the games at home.

Head on over to Boys’ Life magazine and its page dedicated to all things Olympics, and if it inspires you to get physically active with your Cub Scouts, all the better!