Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Sons to Make Their Dads

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Father's Day Gift from Son

Heartfelt and Handmade Gift Ideas for Dad

Fathers’ Day is right around the corner, and nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a homemade gift from a son or a Cub Scout to his dad or father figure in his life, including Scout leaders and Cub Masters!

We scoured Boys’ Life magazine, and found a ton of clever, funny, delicious, useful and otherwise awesome ideas for dad this Father’s Day; sixteen to be exact. Plus some jokes. Read on!

How to Make 4 Cool Gifts for Father’s Day

From a twine dispenser and a paperweight to a cleverly crafted coaster and a home-made card idea that might bring a tear to dad’s eye, these cool homemade gift ideas are as useful as they are inventive. Take a look, each one comes with a list of needed supplies, directions and an illustration. These can be a lot of fun, and are perfect for a pack or den meeting activity, as well as a fun home activity for quick, creative goodness to show the fathers, uncles, grandpas, leaders and even brothers that their Cub Scout is thinking of them.

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DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

With illustrated how-to diagrams for each project, these handy gift ideas are a great way for a young son to roll up his sleeves and learn some crafting skills while making something useful for dad like a bottle opener or a laptop stand (to prevent overheating). Or, for the culinary aficionado, the peanut brittle or homemade BBQ sauce make tasty treats that ol’ pop might even share! Check to see what Cub Scout Adventures might be relevant to these DIY projects, too!

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6 Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Learn what a secret stash jar is and how to make one so dad can hide that last piece of peanut brittle! It’s amazing what you can create with a toilet paper roll, a few pencils and some glue. If you’re tight on time but your Cub Scout wants to give that special homemade spin on a token of appreciation for a Den leader or from a son to his dad (or both!) these ideas are quick and easy, awesome and cheesy.

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20 Hilarious, Father’s Day Jokes

Laughing Dad Joke

We know that often the best gift a dad can get is one of laughter. Or a groan from the likes of a bad dad joke, in which case, here’s one way to give him a chuckle or a dose of his own humorous antics. You might want to even memorize a few to catch him off guard while unwrapping his paperweight. Fill the earth with dad jokes, or at the very least, Father’s Day-themed punchlines!

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Check out these and other Father’s Day gift ideas and jokes at the Father’s Day page at Boys’ Life magazine, including a really great Chess set you can make with screws, nuts and bolts!