Exploring Civil War History with Cub Scouts

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Cub Scouts History

History is Alive and Well

Wherever you live, that place has an inescapable history. Tapping into that history can make for a lot of fun Cub Scout activities and learning adventures. There’s something special about being able to see the sites and artifacts of the stories one typically learns about in books and on TV. When it comes to the American Civil War, whether you live there or not, you might think that would be a slice of history for Scouts in the Eastern United States. But you’d be surprised, as these Cub Scouts in Montana learned, that Civil War companies stretched further west than many might initially think.

In Missoula, the Civil War has Roots

In the Missoula, Montana area, 90 Cub Scouts gathered to learn about the Civil War with white canvas tents, muzzle-loading rifles, and a live re-enactment of Company H, an 1864 troop of soldiers that was based in Montana. “Scouts learned how to load a cannon, march in line and hold muskets under the supervision of the civil war re-enactors, who were portraying the First United States Infantry Company H,” reported Montana’s local NBC affiliate station. The Cub Scouts also got to try their hand at a bow and arrow as well as shoot BB guns and make tin lanterns as part of the fun of the outdoor event. Click here to learn more about their experience and the detailsĀ of the event.