Everything You Need to Send Your Cub Scouts Back to School

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Back to School with Your Cub Scouts

It’s the season of a new pair of shoes, a fresh box of crayons and nervous new school bus journeys. In other words, it’s back-to-school season! Elementary school is full of trepidation and excitement, but Boys’ Life magazine is there to help you laugh through it with wise-cracking jokes, give you some great tips on how to be a good student, and offer some fantastic ideas on creative and useful school supplies. We’ve compiled a few articles from the magazine to offer you everything you need to send your Cub Scout back to school.

How to Make Twig Pencils

Back to School twig pencils! The classic pencil is a school supply staple. These twig pencils are fun, easy to make and totally awesome. Once you learn how to make them, you’ll make a whole school year’s worth! Learn How at Boys’ Life.

30 Funny Back-to-School Jokes

Back to School jokes Nothing eases the nerves of a new school year more than a hearty chuckle. These jokes will have you hilariously giggling while you think about your Cub Scout making new friends over the laughter of a great punchline. Read Them at Boys’ Life.

School Backpack Buying Guide

back to school back packs Good gear goes beyond the campground, and a quality backpack is an important component of the back-to-school kit. If you don’t have the epic, perfectly worn hand-me-down to pass onto the next generation of pupils, the Gear Guy at Boys’ Life has you covered with tips and considerations for that perfect pack. Investigate at Boys’ Life.

How to Help Cub Scouts Get Good Grades

Back to School with Boys' Life Of course, when it comes to a fresh school year, there’s always a fresh motivation to get good grades and be a great student. That’s an important and noble pursuit for Cub Scouts in their academic endeavors, and Boys’ Life has 10 tips on helping students land those straight A’s! Discover the Tips at Boys’ Life.