Duct Tape: A Scouting Tradition

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Scouts and Duct Tape

Scouts and duct tape go together like campfires and marshmallows.

From craft projects to field repairs, there’s virtually no limit to the ways that Scouts can make good use of this sticky strip of magic. So, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of our favorites for you and your Scout to explore. Some projects are practical, some are just for fun, and others would make awesome gifts, so go ahead and get creative with this legendary piece of Scouting gear!

Get Your Tape!

First things first, get your Scout outfitted with the essentials. Hearing “duct tape” probably conjures up images of a shiny roll of silver tape, but you can get it in just about any color you want – blue, gold, black, red, pink, animal print, and so many more. Head over to ScoutShop.org to take your pick from a number of Scouting-approved colors, or shop around your local hardware or craft store to find some more outrageous patterns. With all these colors, you can find the perfect tape for any project you can imagine!

Make A Duct Tape Wallet

Now that you’re outfitted with your chosen tape colors, it’s time to get cracking on a project! This duct tape wallet is a great intro, because it doesn’t require many tools, is super practical, and will give your Scout a place to stash his chore money so he doesn’t lose it (bonus responsibility points!).

Craft Duct Tape Accessories

Want to help your Scout turn his style up a notch for a special occasion? Your Scout can make an awesome blue-and-gold duct tape belt, a duct tape superhero mask, and even a hammock if he’s feeling committed (warning: this one requires a LOT of tape!).

Use Duct Tape In The Field

There’s a reason the Survive Outdoors Longer survival kit comes with a roll of duct tape! It’s one of the most essential field repair items a Scout can carry, and can be used to fix just about anything – torn clothes, ripped tents and sleeping bags, broken pack straps and buckles, and just about anything that needs to be put back together on a camping trip! Your Scout can carry a pre-packaged roll as shown in the link above, or he can wrap tape around his water bottle for easy access when he’s on the trail. You never know when it’ll come in handy!

Quack Quack, Got Any Duct Tape?

You didn’t think we’d leave you without a joke, did you? This skit is an excellent project for a gang of Scouts, features duct tape in the punchline, and will get a big laugh out of your pack. Act it out or just tell it at a pack meeting, it’s up to you! Got any grapes?!