Did You Win The Cub Scouts Go Camping Giveaway?

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Did you win the Cub Scouts Go Camping Giveaway?

Over the last month, the Cub Scouts gave away 12 pieces of gear from ScoutStuff.org.

What kind of gear? Just things we thought Cub Scouts (and their parents!) would think were cool.

So we had to have some binoculars. A couple of Camelbaks. A tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a camp chair. A really amazing survival kit. Some rain gear and a hiking staff and a headlamp.

Oh, and a pretty amazing hammock. Can’t forget the hammock.

All you had to do was comment on one of four pictures that we posted on our Facebook Page. So the big question: Did you win?

Well, if you’re one of these people, you sure did:

  • Kylene Clay-Adkins — sleeping bag
  • Gretchen Flotow — camp chair
  • Scott Nagy — rain gear
  • Bobbie Quaintance Miller — tent
  • Andrea Stange — trekking pole
  • Robert Stewart — binoculars
  • Joe Sergent — survival kit
  • Kris Suffridge — sleeping pad
  • Verlinda McWee Brinson — cub scout camelbak
  • Krista Scott — headlamp
  • Melissa Thompson — hammock
  • Joshua Brown — camelbak highwire

Congrats to the lucky winners and their lucky Cub Scouts. If you’re one of them, you have to privately message us on facebook with your physical address so we can get you your gear!

And if you didn’t win, keep watching our Facebook. We had a ton of participation, so we’ll be doing this again very, very soon.