December CubCast: Fundraising

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Dec CubCast

It’s been a whirlwind of a busy season, but we wanted to make sure you had a chance to listen to a very important episode of CubCast.

December’s episode of CubCast, the official podcast for the Cub Scouts of America, is all about the future of fundraising efforts for your Cub Scouts. There’s been a change to the IRS compliance environment with regard to nonprofit fundraising efforts which will affect your Scout’s Den and Pack directly.

CubCast hosts Mark and Janet Griffin bring in Steve McGowen, general counsel for the Boy Scouts of America to discuss these changes and what they mean for popcorn sales and other fundraisers you and your Cub Scout participate in. The question of Individual Scout Accounts is discussed and to what extent they are allowed within the parameters of IRS rules is highlighted. The discussion also dives into how dollar-for-dollar credit is accounted for, and how what blend of fundraising profit that goes to the unit, the council or directly to the Scout, remains in line with the new IRS regulations.

To be certain, fundraising remains an essential part of a Scout being thrifty, setting and accomplishing goals and earning, in part, their way to participate in the benefits and adventure of Scouting. To that end, this CubCast episode will help you navigate the details in fundraising as you prepare for another adventurous year in Cub Scouts.

Be informed, and get all your questions answered about the future of Cub Scout fundraising by listening to December’s CubCast.

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