Day Camp or Bust – the Final Round

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Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge Update

It’s been a couple of weeks, and the Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge has continued to narrow down what voters in the ‘digital pack’ view as their favorite Day Camp activity.

Of course, this just-for-fun bracket challenge might confirm what many of you already suspected, Archery and BB Guns at Day Camp are, simply put, the bee’s knees. And sure, other activities are fun, engaging and important, but maybe they didn’t stand much of a shot (pun intended!) from the onset. After all, Hiking and Arts and Crafts among other Scouting activities can happen outside of Day Camp, but for many Cub Scouts, the ultimate Scouting event of the summer is often the only chance they have to try out a bow and arrow, or a BB gun.

That said, we’ve buried our lead: Archery and BB Guns advance to the final! But how did they get there? Let’s recap.

Round 2 Results

While STEM Rockets are extremely popular (and a lot of fun!), they couldn’t quite edge out Archery. Likewise, Swimming and other water activities just proved too tempting a summer activity at Day Camp that the ever popular Woodworking wasn’t able to make a splash. Archery and Swimming advanced to face-off in Round Three.

Hiking marched right through the first round, but was stopped in its tracks against BB Guns. The other match-up in Round Two ended in what some could call an “upset” with Obstacle Courses besting the favored Horseback Riding activity. That means that Obstacle Courses advance to Round Three along with BB Gun Shooting. What was the outcome? Well, you voted. Here’s what happened.

Round 3 Results

It may be that the only thing that can draw Cub Scouts out of a swimming pool is the promise of shooting arrows from a bow. And it may be that the only thing to get a Cub Scout to flee an obstacle course is the temptation to get to shoot a BB Gun. Well, that’s just what happened.

In Round Three, as you might expect, Archery beat out the Swimming activity, and will go head-to-head in the final round with BB Guns, which bested Obstacle Courses in the same round. Now, perhaps these always were, as we eluded to above, the obvious contenders for the final round. We saw last year that many of you viewed these two activities as the banner events for Cub Scout Day Camp. But what we’ve hoped many of you have seen throughout this fun little bracket challenge, is that Day Camp just wouldn’t quite be the same without most of these activities. But, with every bracket challenge, there must be a final round. And it’s time for you to vote in it.

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No matter how you roll the dice, the Cub Scout Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge all boils down to Archery and BB Guns. Perhaps it’s fate. Perhaps it’s just the way it is. But right now, the winning activity between these two Day Camp events is all up to you.

You have until the end of the day, Saturday, April 30th to vote. You can pick your favorite, here. Or visit and click on the Day Camp tab at the top of the page. We’ll post the winner here on the blog, and announce it on our social media channels as well. At the end of the day, all this talk of Day Camp activities has made us excited for summer and eager to continue helping all of you in the digital pack plan and prepare for it.