Day Camp Momentum Buzzes Across the Country

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About a month ago when we launched our #DayCamp2015 campaign and Facebook Event, we not only wanted to provide a place to talk about all things “day camp” all the time, but we also wanted to have a little fun.

Serious Day Camp

By creating this idea of “pledging” to go to day camp, we found we could not only build excitement and encourage registration for the ultimate Cub Scouting event of summer, but we could also see who from the local councils and Scouters all across the nation, is pledging and from where.

We know some of you have held day camp already, but hey, if you’ve already gone, you can still pledge! #DayCamp2015 is more than just a thing to do, it’s a tradition that is worth talking about. The experiences and memories we share at day camp strengthen Scouting, bolster recruiting, and show young men and their parents all across the country what this great organization is all about.

As the pledges have come in, (and they keep coming!) we’ve been checking in to see where the action is. Because so many folks from all over are pledging, there is not really one council that has the lion’s share but rather a lot of great buzz from everywhere.


For example, Greater St. Louis Area Council seems as if it’s just as excited about day camp as it is about Scouting for Food, and our guess is that Quapaw Council in Arkansas knows how to put on quite the day camp experience. Things are always hot in Atlanta, including day camp, apparently, and the Longhorn Council near the BSA National Service Center is buzzing with day camp pledges.

How is the energy and excitement for day camp in your neck of the woods? If you have a day camp story, we’d love to hear it. Send us a message on Facebook or at

This is truly a nationwide movement so when you share #DayCamp2015 on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and when you pledge to register for day camp, you are helping push this movement into digital frontiers on the screens and in the hands of would-be Scouters everywhere. Yes, we think it’s that important, and exciting! So keep driving your local units to register for day camp and to pledge for #DayCamp2015.

DayCamp Ready

Scouting is fun, and day camp is one of the most fun parts of Cub Scouting, but for those of you involved in Cub Scouts all year, you know that it’s so much more. It’s the opportunity to spend quality time with your family, having a unique experience with lessons for life that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s what this is all about, and that’s what #DayCamp2015 will help us achieve.

Let’s all spread our wings and “Take Flight” with #DayCamp2015. And remember, Do Your Best!