Get in the Game with this Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge

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Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge

Cub Scout Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge

We had a lot of fun with March Madness this year, and even cheered on Villanova’s Eagle Scout, Josh Hart. But just as March Madness ends, and baseball season begins, our thoughts turn to the warming weather and the inevitability of summer. And summer, in the Cub Scouts world, means one thing in particular: Day Camp!

But it is in the spirit of that great early-spring event that we offer a bracket challenge of our own as a way of looking forward to what the next season has in store: the Cub Scout Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge.

How it Works

Last year we held an informal survey on the Day Camp Facebook Event page we made for those who “pledged” to attend Day Camp. In that pool, hundreds of commenters noted what their favorite Day Camp activity was, or what their Cub Scout most enjoyed. We took that list and turned it into a bracket challenge; you know, just for the fun of it!

So, here’s the deal: Round 1 has come and gone, and voting for Round 2 has begun. Even if you missed round 1, you should definitely still vote, share with your friends, and encourage them to vote, too.

Here’s how the 16 popular Cub Scout Day Camp events we chose for the bracket challenge fared.

Round 1 Heavyweights

The big, and perhaps obvious, winners in Round 1 were Archery, BB Gun/Shooting, Horseback Riding and Water Activities. That left Outdoor Movie, Human Foosball, Tug-of-War, and Skits/Storytelling behind; they’re fantastic activities but they couldn’t compete with the rarer and more thrilling Day Camp activities. Even with a match like Arts and Crafts vs. an Obstacle course, we know that crafts are widely enjoyed by Cub Scouts all over, but an obstacle course? Well, how’s that for novel? VOTE HERE

Closer Calls Still Advancing

We honestly weren’t sure which activity would garner more votes, STEM Rockets or the Monkey Bridge. Both are super fun Day Camp activities that have a lot of fans, and are each uniquely popular in different parts of the country, so the fact that they each got 100+ votes doesn’t surprise us. But the rockets beat out the bridge in the end, and will advance to Round 2. VOTE HERE

Surprise Upsets

There’s always an upset, or an unexpected victory in every tournament, and in our case where we matched leather stamping with woodworking—two activities with a lot of the essentials in common—it was definitely interesting to see woodworking win by such a large margin. The same goes for Survival Bracelets vs. Hiking. Because survival bracelets are so popular, especially among Cub Scouts, we were pleasantly surprised that hiking took the win. Despite the inherent awesomeness in the survival bracelets, hiking is one of those legacy Scouting activities, and the fact that it’s still so celebrated within Cub Scouts today would certainly make Lord Baden-Powell proud. VOTE HERE

So it’s up to you to determine who advances from Round 2 and makes it into the top four slots for Round 3 next week. Will rockets soar over bows and arrows, or will horseback riding gallup past the spinning tires of an obstacle course. The decision rests with you, and the rest of the Digital Pack, so go and vote!

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