#CubChat Recap – Blue and Gold Decorations, Food and Cakes!

Here’s the recap to last Wednesday’s #CubChat. We had a fun and lively discussion that dove right in to the details about food choices, logistics, decorations and themes of your annual Blue and Gold Banquet. Of course, we spent plenty of time talking about the beloved Scout Cakes! We saw a lot of new folks out there in the Digital Pack join in, and we really loved getting to know so many of you and hear what ideas you bring to your Packs and Dens that really make Cub Scouting a fantastic experience for all involved. We shared Pinterest pages with all kinds of sweet and savory food ideas for Blue and Gold, and we bonded over a serious discussion on stellar Center Pieces for your Blue and Gold tables. As always, it was over too soon, and we had a ball swapping stories and ideas about all things Blue and Gold. Of course, if it’s Wednesday, it’s #CubChat, so be sure to put it on your calendar and join us every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM Central. See you on Twitter!