11 Impressive Cub Scout Cakes for Blue and Gold that Look Amazing!

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You’ve been there before. You think you have an amazing cake for Blue and Gold, and you arrive to the party thinking you are destined to win, but lo and behold somebody in the Pack turns out to be a professional cake decorator. WHAT? That’s OK, their cakes are works of art for all to enjoy. Even if making them is no “piece of cake. ” Get inspired by these amazing Scout Cakes we found on Pinterest and elsewhere shared by some talented folks out there in the “Digital Pack.” When we first saw this cake, all we could say was “Bullseye!”

arrow cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iDadK

That’s the cleanest campsite we’ve ever seen. Bet you could even eat the dirt.

camp site cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iCDsf

OK, whoever sewed those patches on without wrinkling that shirt deserves a medal. Hey are those beads Lemon Heads??

cub shirt cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iCzst

When it comes to Cub Scouts, this Scout Cake says it all: Patriotism, Arrow of Light, Fleur de Lis, Camping, and Pack numbers…Bravo!!

cub scout life cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iDo4x

Cub Scouts is fun, and this Blue and Gold Scout Cake takes the cake.

FUN cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iE89S

The skill to pull off this cake is only matched by how delicious it looks. Cozy campfire and cake? Bye bye s’mores!

log fire cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iCoh5

The frosting detail on this one has us all-a-quiver. So sharp!

order of the arrow cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iDDwE

Patches never tasted this good. It’s four mini-cakes for one epic patch-work of Cub Scout awesomeness.

patches cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iEfT4

One thing is for sure, this Scout Cake is tiers above the rank and file. Well, maybe just the file, because those tiers are definitely Cub Scout ranks!

ranks cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iDw46

Did this arrow hit a barrel of TNT? Cause this Scout Cake is a firework! Classy, too!

stars cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iDZDr

Those Cub Scouts look cozy, but that rock work along the river is astounding! Way to pick a yummy camp site, Pack 303!

Twinkie scouts cake
Source: http://bit.ly/16iCXYa

Happy Blue and Gold season!   //Note: For information on licensing for items featuring BSA marks and logos, please see: Boy Scouts of America Licensing Programs