Cub Scouts Make a Cardboard City and Sleep in it

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Cardboard City Cub Scouts Activity

Cub Scouts Make A Cardboard City

In an engaging, hands-on activity, Cub Scouts of Pack 328 in Arkansas City, Kansas build tents and shelters out of cardboard to stay the night in for an indoors, winter overnight activity. Not only does this encourage resourcefulness and creativity, these Scouts are learning about compassion for those who look to cardboard shelter in the real world, and they’re getting a lesson in citizenship in their community as well.  When it comes to overnight outings for Cub Scouts, this one is truly unique.

More Than Just a Fun Activity

Of course it’s supposed to be more than just a fun adventure, although it is indeed that. Pack leader Darrin Green said that the cardboard city is a learning activity. According to an article about Pack 328 on local news website, “assembling the boxes into tents teaches the cub scouts how people live in a box, but it goes much further than teaching the boys about compassion for the less fortunate. The boys in attendance built the city out of nothing more than cardboard and duct tape. After the city is built, the cub scouts eat dinner and are then corralled for a lesson. According to Green, the boys are taught about different forms of government.” In addition to learning about government, these Cub Scouts also learn about participation in government through voting. They even hold a little election in their cardboard city. After registering, they vote for city officials in their brown and tan village. All of which, as the article says, is recycled afterwards. That seems like a city AND a Scouting thing to do, don’t you think? You can read more about Pack 328’s cardboard city tradition at