Cub Scouts Changes Are Afoot!

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2015-16 Tiger Emblem

So, did you happen to hear about the changes coming to the Cub Scouts?

They’re pretty big.

Cub Scouts will have to tick off a set of Adventures to earn their rank badges, with some electives thrown in.

Also, Tiger Cubs are going to be just regular old Tigers (we never said “Bear Cub” or “Wolf Cub,” so it’s only fair).

Oh, and the Adventures all have new belt loops that the kiddos get after achieving them.

You can find every single detail about the program in the Program Change Overview.

And if you want a more complete rundown, check out Bryan’s Blog.

There’s plenty of time to get familiar with this stuff. We don’t get started until the 2015-2016.

One more thing: if you just want a broad look at what’s coming, check out New Cub Scout Adventures … In A Nutshell.

Change. It happens. Glad we have Scouters like you all leading the way.