Cub Scouts and Kendama: Why Skill Toys Are Perfect for Cub Scouts

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Cub Scouts and Kendama

So much of what makes Scouting fun is the hands-on experiences your Cub Scouts get to have as they dive right into the program and the activities in their dens and packs. So what happens during a rainy day, or cold weather or just for the pure fun of trying something new? Here are 4 fantastic hands-on skill toys that can be a great Den or Pack activity inside or outside at any time of the year. You may want to ask if your Cub Scouts have any of these toys already that they might want to bring to Den meeting. Maybe you’ve had to tell a Cub Scout or two to put one of these away while focusing on another activity or project, but letting the lose to try their hands at these fun and dazzling skills can be a real show stopper with the Pack and in your families.

Kendama Skills

Kendama is an ancient Japanese skill toy made of wood and altogether addictive. Like many skill toys, it strengthens hand-eye coordination and reflexes, and it’s really enjoyed by all ages. There are endless trick possibilities and variations, and according to KendamaUsa, mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity. Now forget about all that, Kendama is pure fun and very popular among Cub Scout-aged kids all over the country. Cub Scouts and Kendama. It works! Just take a look at the video to see how cool it can be, with practice of course.

YoYo Skills

A YoYo and a Slinky might be the oldest toys you can think of, but actually YoYos are much older with some accounts dating back to 500 B.C. Considering its legacy, the humble YoYo is anything but a dying trend, it’s a classic activity that never gets old or outdated. And, like all skill toys, you can get really good at YoYo. Just take a look at the young man in the video and his YoYo tricks. Get practicing and a YoYo performance might be the perfect thing to showcase in your next Scout Skit when there’s a need to “walk a dog.”

Juggling Skills

Juggling doesn’t require special or specific items, though they are certainly available, but just having 3 of something to toss in the air can often do the trick. It takes a lot of focus and practice, but juggling can be a fun way to encourage eye-hand coordination, and inspire a lot of laughs with the Cub Scouts in your den and pack. Learn the basics of juggling in the video and think about where and when this might be a Cub Scout activity worth doing.

Devil Stick Skills

So-called “devil sticks” are another fun skill that can easily be a game for a den activity. Like others on this list, devil sticks can be tricky, and hard to master. But even the greenest beginner can have a lot of fun trying to keep the sticks in the air, and incorporate a few fancy spins in the meantime. Find your own devil stick inspiration in this video, and consider how you might get started with your own devil stick frenzy. No matter which one you think is the most fun, the easiest, the hardest, part of the fun is in figuring it out. Skill toys are a great way to develop coordination, determination, and social interaction. They are a great way to work hard to have fun, inside or outside, and make great Den or Pack activities.