Cub Scout Changes, Webcast and More

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You’ve probably already seen the new cover designs for the Cub Scout handbooks in advance of the new Cub Scouting program. And if we were to judge these books by their cover, they’d be awesome! But the good news doesn’t stop there.

There are a lot of changes coming to the Cub Scouting program this year. Scouting Magazine declared that these changes would include “Improved activities, easier-to-understand advancement and some sweet-looking handbooks,” adding that, “yes, Cub Scouting is about to get even better than before.” Did we mention how excited we are?

January 17th Webcasts — RSVP HERE

It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved in Scouting, and these changes will reflect thoughtful improvements that enable the Cub Scouts to continue to be an organization that is a force for good, for young Scouts, their communities and the future.

That said, we at the Cub Hub want to make sure that you know all about the changes coming in 2015, by giving you an opportunity to RSVP to the training webcasts to be broadcast on January 17th. These webcasts will cover the coming changes as well as how to prepare for them. They will also inform you of when resources will be available for implementing and transitioning your Dens and Packs to the new program. WATCH HERE

Important: Sessions are position-specific, but anyone in any role who has an interest in the new Cub Scout program is welcome to attend.

It’s on a Saturday and only takes about an hour per session so hopefully most of you will be able to tune in. Otherwise, a recording will be made available to watch later. You can check the Program Updates page at to see when they are available to view.

To get a more detailed view of what is and isn’t changing, revisit Scouting Magazine’s article.

Otherwise, use our FACEBOOK EVENT to sync with your calendar, access the schedule and time slots of the various webcasts, discuss the changes with our Cub Scout community, and more.

Oh, and keep scrolling for some more Cub Scout Handbook Design goodness.

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