Cub Scout Saves Grandfather From Rattlesnake

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We all know the Scout Law, and that among those qualities, a Scout is brave. But it’s always great to hear stories of when those qualities are called upon in action. Cub Scout Isaac Ramsey is one of those brave Scouts, and we’ll add quick-thinking, too! Isaac Ramsey was out enjoying nature with his grandfather, backpacking in the Cumberland Mountains right in the heart of beautiful Appalachia.

The Cumberland Gap (Wikimedia)

Isaac, a 10 year-old Scout from Pack 122 in Burlington, Ky., stopped his grandfather from stepping on a 4 ft. Diamondback rattlesnake. As he recounted to us in an email, John Ramsey, Isaac’s grandfather said the following:

At the bottom of a steep hill, where a small stream crossed the trail, Isaac grabbed me from behind while shouting “Snake! Snake!

Enjoying the view of the Cumberland Mountains

Isaac acted smart and fast to get his grandfather’s attention without putting himself in danger.

I was one step away from stepping on the snake as it crossed the trail. Isaac’s quick action possibly saved my life!

Here’s a rattled photo of the snake slithering away

It’s a good thing, too, because as they were traveling west along the Ridge Trail, Isaac and his grandfather were a least three hours away from assistance. As we learn in Scouting, it’s a good thing to be prepared, to observe your surroundings at all times and to act with bravery and swiftness, especially when helping others. We don’t doubt that this Cub Scout did exactly that, and potentially saved his grandfather’s life as well. Great job, Isaac Ramsey!

Cub Scout, Isaac Ramsey with his Medal of Merit