Celebrating the Influence of Scouting on Space Exploration

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In Scouting, we celebrate space exploration for many reasons, not the least of which is that many astronauts have also been Scouts in some way or another.

So today when the world marks that unforgettable moment in our history when man first walked on the moon 47 years ago, it’s fitting that Boys’ Life magazine, in their Heads Up blog, dives a little deeper into that space connecting that incredible day with the Scouting movement.

It reminds us of this Build An Adventure video. When the boy turns into an astronaut, we hear the narrator’s voice say of Scouting:

“This is a time to equip a boy with what he needs for where he’s going. And where he’s going is anywhere he wants.”

Watch a collection of epic moon landing videos, and learn more about NASA’s unique relationship with Scouting, as well as more fun facts about the moon over at Boys’ Life, online.

Then tonight when you look up into the sky and see the moon, remember that we can reach as high as we can dream.