4 Awesome Go-See-It Ideas For Any Den

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Cub Scouts Go See It at a Museum

A good go-see-it is a great learning opportunity for any den

Learning skills that can be helpful later in life is a huge part of what Scouting is all about, and getting your Scouts out into the community is a great way for them to gain first-hand knowledge. There are tons of possibilities for great go see its, from career-oriented outings to fun-first excursions (ideally, you can work in some of both!), and these four awesome go see it ideas will make it easier for you to choose and plan some awesome outings for your pack!

Visit A Police Station

The Scouts from Pack 443 thought they were just visiting a police station, but found themselves in the middle of a crime scene! OK, an officer from the local police department had set it up to surprise the Scouts and teach them about how to investigate a crime scene, but this is a great way to get Scouts interested in law enforcement!

Learn Where Your Food Comes From

Knowing where our food comes from is important, and what better way to teach Scouts than by taking them to a working farm? Find a willing farmer, and he can show Scouts skills like planting, sheep shearing, or milking cows, and they can even sample the fruits of their labors!

See How Your City Works

Regardless of whether you live in a big city or a small town, there are plenty of options! Tour the local recycling station, visit the water and sewage plant, explore the local electric utility or post office – any of these outings will teach Scouts what goes on behind the scenes of the things they take for granted and use every day!

Explore Your Local Industry

This one’s fun because it’s a chance to learn more about what your town or region does best! Depending on where you live, you could take your Scouts to see a factory, a mine, a tech company, a logging operation, and so much more.