Are Scout Jokes Just Dad Jokes in a Uniform?

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Jokes and Cub Scouts have a long history of being mutually perfect for one another. We’ve blogged about this before, and as you probably know, Boys’ Life magazine has an entire section dedicated to curating and collecting the best jokes submitted by Scouts all over the country. And while a real belly-laugh bit of humor is an equal-opportunity crowd pleaser, when it comes to some of the most quintessential jokes in Scouting, everyone knows the cornier the better! Puns, gags, groaners and literalisms are the bread and butter of a good Scout joke. However, in the world outside of Scouting, some folks might refer to Scout jokes as that other category of dead-pan, literal humor: “Dad Jokes.” While we certainly see a difference, as nuanced as it may be, we love “Dad Jokes.” We think of them as a great cousin to Scout Jokes. One definition we found is as follows: Dad Joke: (slang) A lame, embarrassing or unfunny joke told by someone’s father.

What’s in a Joke?

Of course there are aspects of that definition we take issue with. Lame (read: groan inducing) jokes aren’t unfunny jokes. In fact, they’re hilarious! Some of the best material we read from the curated pages of Boys’ Life magazine, including the jokes submitted by Scouts, are some of the most funny, groan-inducing jokes we know! But imagine for a second what could happen when the dad humor is taken too far. Seem unlikely? Well, in this hilarious video made by the folks at Nickelodeon Australia for their country’s Father’s Day last September, they imagine just that. The result was a hilarious and insanely viral video made to look like a Public Service Announcement for kids who’ve borne the brunt of a dreaded Dad Joke. Check it out. Now, it just so happens that in Scouting, many of the leaders, volunteers, Scoutmasters, and Scouters are dads, and we figured some of you might relate to the kids in this video. Of course it’s all just poking a little fun at classic literal humor, but even so, when it comes to Dad Jokes and Scout Jokes, a den meeting or a pack campout might very well be the perfect place where Cub Scouts and their dads wile away the evening with equal parts groaning and laughter.