Archery at Day Camp Wins as Most Popular Activity

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Archery at Day Camp Nails the Bulls Eye!

The final votes have been tallied and the consensus is in. Archery nabs the number-one spot on our Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge, beating out BB Guns by a long shot (pun intended)!

Cub Scout Day Camp Activity Bracket

This “all important” and “very serious” bracket challenge was actually not so much of a contest at all. We intended it to be more of a fun experiment with the aim to showcase all the many varied, worthwhile, and exciting activities Cub Scouts get to try during Day Camp!

So while there weren’t any prizes in this bracket challenge, we sure had a lot of fun getting excited for the ultimate Scouting event of summer and, hopefully, we reminded many of you to plan and prepare for Day Camp as well.

Archery 9

What Inspired this Bracket Challenge

We know many of you are passionate about Day Camp and the activities that go along with it. This was an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve seen from you over the past year regarding some of the most frequently mentioned Day Camp activities. We hoped the bracket challenge would be a fun way to promote them.

Archery 3

So, here’s a little confession: We knew it would boil down to archery and BB guns because we’ve been reading your comments for two years now about Day Camp and have noticed that many Cub Scouts, their leaders and parents get really excited about these two opportunities Cub Scouts have at Day Camp.

Archery 6

To try the exciting activity of shooting an arrow across a bow, or firing a BB gun at a target, especially for the first time, is an unforgettable experience. For most Cub Scouts, these are unique experiences they wouldn’t have anywhere else. And perhaps their rarity is what makes them the headliners for most exciting activity.

Archery 5

Day Camp is the Thrill of Archery Plus So Much More

So, yes, three cheers for archery, the clear winner of the Day Camp Activity Bracket Challenge! But along the way let’s also consider the fun we had with rockets and woodworking, with crafts and horseback riding, skits and swimming and all the other activities that round out Day Camp to be filled with the stuff memories are built on, even if that bull’s eye on the hay bail is the beginning of that story.