Announcing the 2016 Pinewood Derby Photo Contest Winners

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Who Won the Pinewood Derby Photo Contest?

In our second year of hosting the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Photo Contest, we’ve seen that the excitement for this grandest of Cub Scouting events doesn’t seem to wane no matter what time of day or year it is. Each entry has been a complete joy to see. For all the Cub Scouts out there, and their parents and leaders, too, Pinewood Derby is not only a thrilling event, it’s a time where families, the pack and even the community really come together.

Amid hundreds upon hundreds of the incredible photos many of you submitted over the course of this contest, we had a tough time narrowing it down to 20 finalists for you to vote on. Some key thoughts went into our consideration.

Variations on a Theme

With Pinewood Derby as the theme, it leaves the door wide open to some interpretation, and the result is that we see a lot of different photos of Pinewood Derby season beyond the classic racer or car shot. Of course we adore those as well. The stories your photos tell, for Scouting collectively and as individuals are what keep us gazing at these incredible accomplishments and fine works of art.

The 2016 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Photo Contest Winners

Since posting the 20 Pinewood Derby Photo Contest finalists to our official Facebook page, thousands of you have cast your vote, selecting the following five photos. Presenting, without further ado, the 2016 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Photo Contest Winners!

“Bat Mobile!” Submitted by Crystal E.


“The boys from Pack 73 in Lisbon, CT at the finish line!” Submitted by Kim Z.


“Gotta get it just right!” Submitted by Paul Renier.


“Singing the national anthem before the launch of Pinewood Derby 2016.” Submitted by Stephanie Sweeney.

PWDNational Anthem



Congratulations again! These winners will receive a $50 gift code to This year was full of great submissions that add to the spirit of our grand Cub Scouts tradition. The Pinewood Derby has a rich history, and a dazzling future. It’s an integral part of Cub Scouting and we love seeing the creativity, fun and family bonding that happens with such a great event.

We are looking forward to more Pinewood Derby contests and fun here in the “Digital Pack” with all of you. There are lots more prizes, contests and fun ways to celebrate the Scouting program we all know and love throughout the year, and in Pinewood Derbies to come!