A Scout Dad’s First Experience with Cub Scouts

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“I never thought about being a Boy Scout.”

So begins the blog post of a Scout Dad named Mike who publishes the blog, One More Dad Blog.

He continues, “Growing up I was never a Scout, I had heard about them but never attended. I honestly never thought, my kids would be into Scouts either.”

Then after signing up his daughter in Girl Scouts, and watching her excel in that organization, Mike thought maybe Cub Scouts would be a good thing for his son.

Cub Scout and his Dad
Blog writer, Mike with his Cub Scout son.

He had this to say about it:

This year we signed our son up for Cub Scouts. The introduction meeting had him a little nervous because he didn’t know anyone. But I’m proud of him for sticking with it! He has seen and done some pretty cool things with the group. He has learned and displayed some amazing sportsmanship at the events too. He didn’t win his first Raingutter Regatta, but instead of leaving, he told me he wanted to stay and cheer on his friends.

Mike went on to say how their experience building a Pinewood Derby was a lot of fun as well, though admitting that as a first year Cub Scout parent, they were a little green in the science behind making a fast Pinewood Derby. But that’s also part of the fun, isn’t it?

Close up of a Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby Car
A fine specimen for a Pinewood Derby racer!

Then, and this is the part we really appreciate, we see the realization of one Scout Dad on what it really means to be involved in the Scouting movement, and how it really brings families together. He said,

Scouts has also been a great opportunity for me to hang out with my kids more too. The ride to and from gives us some time to hang out one on one. During Scouts, I get to see my children interacting with other kids and adults. This isn’t something we get to see very often as parents, when we drop them off at school and head off to work. I also get to interact with them and their friends. This is something that I have found to be helpful, because I learn a little about their friends and who they are hanging out with. Our kids have [been] quite active with, camp-outs and hikes. They are required to do various activities at home, which still teach them valuable lessons, like integrity, accountability, commitment and discipline.

Well, Mike, we couldn’t agree more.

We shared this story with Mike’s permission because we love what his story shows for Scout parents everywhere, and how Scouting can be perfect for families like yours.

Check out his blog post where you can also see a video of their maiden Pinewood Derby voyage. Thank you, Mike!

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