A Review of Pinewood Derby 2016

Pinewood Derby 2016

Pinewood Derby 2016 #CubChat

Back by popular demand, we hosted a Twitter #CubChat on all things Pinewood Derby. Just as we began 2015 with our Pinewood Derby #CubChat, this year’s first #CubChat was on the same topic, and discussing all of the things we’ve learned and experienced in the last year. From Times Square to small town Pinewood Derby workshops in memory of Scout leaders who’ve gone before, in this recap of #CubChat, we discuss it all: technology, planning tactics, event entertainment, participation, and creative ways to involve everyone at the Derby. Another #CubChat full of interesting discussion and meeting new Scoutings and Scout families all across the country.

Photo Contest – You Can Still Enter!

Check out the Twitter conversation below, and remember to submit your photo in our #PinewoodDerby2016 Photo Contest! You have until April 7, 2016 before we select our finalists.