A Facebook Favor, a Memorial Day Honor

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At the Cub Hub, we’re lucky to see how Cub Scouts experience Scouting all across the country. Each region has its own unique resources and flavor, and we want to bring you the highlights as we see and enjoy them.


Social Media is all about connecting to others, and it’s pretty amazing to see how effective that connection can be for something as special as honoring a soldier’s grave on Memorial Day. Scout leader Richard Moeur from Arizona posted on the Cub Scouts Facebook page that his Pack, Cub Scout Pack 242 in Phoenix, Arizona, would be placing flags at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery in the early morning light of Memorial Day, on Monday.

Desert Cemetery

It was then that another Facebook fan, Mary Lenore of New Jersey, saw Richard’s post and left this comment with a photo of the grave record: 

This is my husbands brother. I would LOVE to see a photo of his grave with his Memorial Day flag and the Scout who places it there!

Grave record

Lamenting that she was too far away to visit the grave herself, she hoped that Pack 242 could make her dream come true.

We live in NJ and place flags at graves here every year. I do it in honor of him and always think about how I hope someone there is doing it too! Is this the same cemetery you will be at??

All the flags

Richard, having recently had surgery, wasn’t sure if he’d even make it to the event and responded that while it’s the same cemetery, there are 55,000 graves there and odds were unlikely they’d be able to go to a specific headstone. Even so, he told Mary they’d try. 

If I make it there in person , I will look up the location to get a photo with its flag (although knowing how fast the Scouts work , my chances of getting the actual Scout is very unlikely). 

A leader's example

Then he realized that the chances became a little more likely when he posted this response:

Update: it looks like Section 53 is the area we typically work after all. We will do our best for you.

Placing Flags

So that was that. A nice thought. A potential effort. One can only do one’s best, after all. But then Richard returned to Facebook to post this photo evidence: 

Mission Accomplished.

Mission Accomplished

Great job Pack 242, and thank you Richard for making this a reality for Mary, her husband, and all of us in the Cub Scouting family.

Great Job Pack!

See more of the great photos from this unique cemetery and Scouting life in the beautiful desert of Arizona by visiting Pack 242’s Facebook page.

The Grave

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*All photos courtesy of Richard Moeur and Pack 242