A Cub Scout With Cancer Finds Solidarity in Shaved Heads

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Cub Scout with Cancer

Scouting is Like a Family

Some say a Cub Scout pack is like a family.  Maybe that’s because the kind of support, help and closeness one can often find within a family, are on full display in the close-knit group of Cub Scouts and Scouters within a pack.

It’s no surprise then, when that support shows itself in dramatic measure and that Scouting family rallies around the needs of one in their midst. That’s what happened with the Cub Scouts in Pack 619 in Rockton, Illinois.  Stories like these showcase the power of the Scouting family in the U.S. and worldwide.

A Cub Scout with Cancer

When Cub Scout Tyler Levin’s cancer came back a second time, his Cub Scout friends and leaders rallied around him at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Rockton, and decided to show solidarity by shaving their heads to match Tyler’s. They even let Tyler operate the clippers as well. In a Cub Scout pack activity they are surely never to forget, every Cub Scout in Pack 619 posed for a before-and-after shot, with their shaved heads and wide smiles.

Tyler’s mom, Alisha said:

“The fact that they’re all going to shave their heads in support of Tyler who didn’t have that option I think says a lot.”

She also added that the “Cub Scouts have been a great resource and just a great group of people for Tyler, and this is just one more way they’ve supported him throughout this.”

Another way they’ve shown their support has been in helping raise more than $2,500 for Tyler and his family. Truly, these Scouts are loyal, helpful, friendly, kind, and cheerful, while one Cub Scout is particularly brave. Tyler and his fellow Cub Scouts embody the spirt of the Scout Law, and we sit in reverence at their display of unity.

Pack of Cub Scout with Cancer

Learn more about Tyler, Pack 619, and watch a video featured on their local news channel.